Electronic Communication & E-sign Agreement

Electronic Communication & E-sign Agreement

By law we are required to give you certain information “in writing”. This means you are entitled to receive it on paper. By checking this corresponding box you are electing to instead receive all correspondence electronically and you are consenting that your electronic signature on agreements and documents has the same legal and moral effect as if you signed such agreements and documents in ink and will be deemed valid, authentic, enforceable and binding.

In addition, you are consenting to the following:

1. You agree that your electronic signature is fully enforceable and binding.

2. You agree that Herio Capital may provide any communication to you electronically and you hereby agree to receive any and all notifications electronically as allowed by law and that these notifications would have the same meaning and legal affect as if they were in writing.

3. You agree that any and all E-signed documents shall be deemed original.

4. You agree to have provided a valid email address and you further agree to notify Herio Capital of any change in email address immediately.

5. There are certain Communications that by law we are not permitted to deliver to you electronically, even with your consent. So long as required by law, we will continue to deliver those Communications to you in writing. However, if the law changes in the future and permits any of those Communications to bedelivered as Electronic Records, this consent will automatically cover those Communications as well.

6. You may elect to change the way in which we communicate and only choose to receive notifications by paper. Your consent to this electronic communications and E-signing may be withdrawn at any time by providing us with written notice that has been notarized and sent to us at:

Herio Capital

919 E. Main Street, Suite 1000
Richmond VA 23219

7. You confirm your consent to the electronic signing and electronic communication by submitting an application through our website. Unless otherwise notified by you in writing this agreement shall survive for the entire duration of our relationship.